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| New Information | February 16, 2013

Here at the munster lost and found we never consider a dog to be dumped regardless of its condition when it is found.

There are many reasons that a dog may be straying and in bad condition. It may be straying a while and is lost, it may have health conditions, We never assume that each animal that comes into our care is an unwanted or neglected pet, until we have exhausted every avenue to find its owner.

We have all heard the wonderful stories of dogs being re-united after being missing for several weeks, months even years. And we have spoken with the very worried owners of animals who are missing with health issues. They are heartbroken with worry that their sick animals may never come home.

So after years of experiencing all these sad stories and helping people in their quests to find their beloved pets we never assume.

So what do you do if you find an animal?

A lot of animals that are found in Ireland can be reunited very quickly by making local enquiries, and placing posters in the area it is found. You don’t have to have a photograph of the animal, a description of the dog, leaving out a few details so you can be sure the correct owner is reunited and most importantly the date and your contact details.

If you can take a photograph then only photograph the face and again you can ask the person who contacts you to give you the details to confirm ownership.

Bring it along to the closest vet, as they may recognise it and will check it for a micro chip.

Report the found animal to the Garda station and more importantly the Local authorities. The first port of call for many people who have lost their dog Is the Local authorities and the Garda.

Place the animals details on social media sites such as Facebook – but please bear in mind not everyone uses the internet as often as we do. There are a lot of people who do not have internet access. For every one person who browses Face book there are at least two who do not.

We here at the Munster Lost and found are only a phone call away, for advise, information or assistance please contact us on: 021 4287216 086 2112850, face book, our webpage email or our face book page.

If you have concerns or queries regarding an animal you have found please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will advise you of the best way to proceed. If we can accomadate your found dog we will be happy to do so

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  1. margaret power on January 15, 2014 @ 9:47 pm

    Hi I was wondering could you help me. A lovely black labrador x followed me home yesterday from the fairgreen supermarket in carrick on suir co tipperary.he is a friendly well trained dog thats good with children and other dogs.i brought him to the vet but no microchip and I put his picture on facebook and walked him around the town but nobody seems to know him or who owns him.i really dont know what to do I live in a small house and he is a big dog and I have a small dog that is scared of him so I am trying to keep them apart. Any help that you could give would be great.thank you
    My name is margaret power.

  2. margaret power on January 16, 2014 @ 4:05 pm

    Its ok I have found his owners.thank you.

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