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Large all white bird

Walking by lane between Collegerd, Cork,and Glasheen r, a huge all white bird sitting in a tree?? I didn’t have my phone, but I thought it might be an egret but it l...

Pigeon with green tag

A pigeon has been sitting on our fence since this morning. It has a green tag on its right leg I don’t know the sex and didn’t get close enough to read the tag no

Rabbit found in Cork City

Rabbit found in Cork City

White and brown rabbit, blue eyes,found at 7am on Quaker Road cork City, 26th July 2018. Tame and friendly.



Carrignavar village-Cork


Rooster Found by the lough on sunday evening. Can't have come too far?

Pet rabbit

Pet rabbit found around the Churchfield allotments in Cork city.

found a pigon

white pigon found black spotts legctag number AV 2016 COM 6709 been here for 3 days sex unkown

Racing pigeon

Grey racing pigeon

FOUND small parrot/ love bird – glasheen cork

yellow with orange and green feathers

Budgie found by The Lough, south side of  Cork city.

Budgie found by The Lough, south side of Cork city.

A black and white budgie with a good amount of white colouring also and some blue too.

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