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Large Tabby Found in Dublin Pike/Hill, Cork Area

  • Date: 17/07/2013
  • Location: Ballincrokig, Dublin Pike, Cork
  • Colour: Brown, beige, black, touch of orange on ears
  • Breed: Short hair, domestic, tabby
  • Sex: Male
  • Size: Large
  • Microchip: Not Sure
  • ID Tag: No
  • Collar: No
  • Phone: 0863798196
  • Listed: July 22, 2013 1:28 pm
Large Tabby Found in Dublin Pike/Hill, Cork Area


NOT SURE IF THIS IS MALE OR FEMALE. This LARGE spotted tabby was first seen hanging around our house in the Ballincrokig/Dublin Pike area on Wednesday 17/07/13. I think he/she must be owned, but this cat was never seen before then so I think it may be lost. He/she is in perfect condition and is obviously very used to houses as he/she keeps trying to come into our house!
He/she was a bit wary of us when we tried to approach it, but will let you pet it if you put food down for it. So perhaps it is just a bit scared.
He/she is quite pale in it’s tabby colouring, with lots of spots on its behind, and stripes on the chest. It’s ears are very orange in colour. It has a very skinny long black line down it’s back. Beautiful green eyes.

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One Response to “Large Tabby Found in Dublin Pike/Hill, Cork Area”

  1. Christina on May 4, 2014 @ 4:12 pm

    Hi there,

    Although I do not think it is my Spooks, I was wondering, if this cat is still around? Or has it be rehomed already?
    Could you find out if it was male or female?

    My female tabby went missing last May and I have not found her yet.
    She would have been easy to recognise on her deformed left front paw, with a missing baby toe. That never stopped her from running around outside and climbing trees though.

    Thanks and kind regards,


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