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Ministry of Agriculture Grant News 2023

| New Information | July 20, 2023

We would like to formally thank the minister of agriculture for our grant received in December 2022 We are delighted that the increase is a recognition of the dedication of our volunteers to helping those in need. As you can imagine it was quickly swallowed up by our ever mounting vet bills. In these unprecedented times our service is stretched to capacity all the time with no relief in sight. We endeavour to continue to run our rescue centre, helplines and offer those unfortunate pets, who find themselves needing us, the best care we can as they face the road to recovery. We aim to continue to rescue, reunite or rehome as many lost souls as we can.

Paws for a Selfie

| New Information | February 11, 2015

Paws for a Selfie

Supporting Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline

TEXT LOST to 50300 to DONATE € 2


100% of your donation goes to Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline across most network operators.

Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €1.80 will go to Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline .

Service Provider: LIKECHARITY.

Helpline: 01 481 9311

Please help us reunite lost pets with owners, and find loving new homes for stray pets.

Our helpline provides practical advice to existing pet owners.

Tel: 085-8504343 or 0862112850


Registered Charity Number: CHY19133

How to Donate

| New Information | December 2, 2014

Supporting Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline

TEXT LOST to 50300 to DONATE € 2


Your donation goes to Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline.

Your text costs €2 and a minimum of €1.80 will go to Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline .

Service Provider: LIKECHARITY.

Helpline: 01 481 9311


Please help us reunite lost pets with owners, and find loving new homes for stray pets.

Our helpline provides practical advice to existing pet owners.

Tel: 085 850 4343 or 086 211 2850


RCN: 20074630


2020 has been our busiest year so far by a large margin; the volume of calls we receive has more than doubled, and our shelter and foster network has been continually at full capacity. This has in turn led to a huge increase in veterinary bills, shelter costs, etc., and as an entirely voluntary organisation, your donation is both badly needed and really appreciated. It will be used to support our five core activities:

  • Reuniting lost pets with their owners
  • Providing emergency shelter and veterinary care for stray pets
  • Continuing to vaccinate, microchip and neuter/spay stray cats and dogs
  • Finding loving new homes for abandoned pets
  • Promoting ethical and responsible pet ownership 

Generally, public donations are channeled towards the day-to-day care of the pets in our shelter – veterinary bills, food, etc.


PayPal / Credit Card

Click on this link and send your kind donations to to donate by credit card or PayPal.

Bank Transfer

Use our account details below to transfer directly into the Helpline’s bank account.

Account name: Lindsey Kelly & Daniel Kelly
Branch: AIB, South Main St, Bandon, Co. Cork
Sort code: 93-40-46
Account number: 44268072


IBAN : IE21 AIBK 9340 4644 2680 72

Cheque and Cash

To organise a donation by cheque or cash, please contact by email info@munsterlostand or phone 0862112850.


Thank you!

Become a Doggy Detective

| New Information | November 18, 2014

When you find a dog in an area – please do a bit of local enquiring. It may take some time out of your schedule, but we find many a time someone in the area will recognise the dog. That extra bit of detective work you carry out – could make the difference between the animal finding its home quickly rather than trying to get a place in a shelter.

Not everyone is on Facebook or has access to the internet. Knocking on doors, leaving a note in a letter box and sticking up posters regarding the found animal makes all the difference.

Some dogs are spooked by adverse weather conditions – which we have a lot of here – and there is also fireworks, gunshots and unexpected noises. Please don’t presume that every dog is abandoned.

Become a doggy detective and do a search before you leave the area.

Livestock Warning

| New Information | June 25, 2014

This time of the year we would like to remind people about the dangers of allowing their pets wander loose in fields. There are a lot of livestock out grazing and we must take care not to allow them roam around freely where cattle, sheep and horses are being kept. Livestock may become alarmed and injure themselves or your pets in panic.

Useful Contacts

| New Information | September 17, 2013

Useful websites

Cork Numbers and email

Dogs Home & City Pound (CSPCA) – 021 4270079

County Pound (Cork Co Co) – 021 4285405

Animal Care Society – 021 4551781


West Cork Animals –

Barbara Bowles (Glanmire) – 021 4821635

Evening Echo Free Ads – 021 4274000

Cat Action Trust – 021 4300266

Waterford Numbers and email

Waterford city and county animal shelter +353 51 872

Deise animal sanctuary 087-3119509 (Pat)

Waterford animal Welfare 0857450711

Tipperary numbers and email

North Tipperary Dog pound 067 33323

South Tipperary Dog pound (052)6133322

Cottage rescue Hannah: 087 970 1919

Mo Chara Thurles 087-6576022 or 087-2577182

Limerick numbers

Limerick Animal Welfare 06391110 0876371044

Limerick City Dog Pound 061- 407190

Limerick County Pound 061 30 16 04

Limerick Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Tel 061 41 56 18

Kerry numbers

Kerry pound Tralee 066 – 7183700

AHAR Killarney 086 107 6729

Animal net kerry  066 7122250


| New Information | February 16, 2013

Here at the munster lost and found we never consider a dog to be dumped regardless of its condition when it is found.

There are many reasons that a dog may be straying and in bad condition. It may be straying a while and is lost, it may have health conditions, We never assume that each animal that comes into our care is an unwanted or neglected pet, until we have exhausted every avenue to find its owner.

We have all heard the wonderful stories of dogs being re-united after being missing for several weeks, months even years. And we have spoken with the very worried owners of animals who are missing with health issues. They are heartbroken with worry that their sick animals may never come home.

So after years of experiencing all these sad stories and helping people in their quests to find their beloved pets we never assume.

So what do you do if you find an animal?

A lot of animals that are found in Ireland can be reunited very quickly by making local enquiries, and placing posters in the area it is found. You don’t have to have a photograph of the animal, a description of the dog, leaving out a few details so you can be sure the correct owner is reunited and most importantly the date and your contact details.

If you can take a photograph then only photograph the face and again you can ask the person who contacts you to give you the details to confirm ownership.

Bring it along to the closest vet, as they may recognise it and will check it for a micro chip.

Report the found animal to the Garda station and more importantly the Local authorities. The first port of call for many people who have lost their dog Is the Local authorities and the Garda.

Place the animals details on social media sites such as Facebook – but please bear in mind not everyone uses the internet as often as we do. There are a lot of people who do not have internet access. For every one person who browses Face book there are at least two who do not.

We here at the Munster Lost and found are only a phone call away, for advise, information or assistance please contact us on: 021 4287216 086 2112850, face book, our webpage email or our face book page.

If you have concerns or queries regarding an animal you have found please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will advise you of the best way to proceed. If we can accomadate your found dog we will be happy to do so

A little about the Helpline…

| New Information | February 7, 2012

 At the Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline, we help lost pets find their way home.

At The Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline, (RCN: 20074630) we help lost pets find their way home. Since our foundation, we’ve reunited hundreds of pets with their families, and found loving new homes for many more. We seek to reunite lost pets with their owners through our helpline and database of lost and found pets in Munster. Our helpline provides practical advice on responsible pet ownership to all pet owners, as well as those who have lost or found a pet and are unsure of what to do.

Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline

In emergency situations, we provide shelter for stray pets, either at our small rescue centre in Cork, or with one of our foster families. If an owner is not found, we find loving new permanent homes that are thoroughly checked before the pet is adopted. We have a small group of dedicated volunteers who work with our rescues, helping to prepare them for new homes by spending time with them and socialising them. Every pet that we rehome is neutered or spayed, as well as being fully vaccinated and microchipped. We will never allow a healthy animal in our care to be destroyed.


We are an entirely voluntary organisation – every cent we raise goes directly to caring for the dogs and cats we’ve taken in, as well as keeping the helpline up and running. This means we are hugely dependant on the generosity of our supporters  in order to continue our work. We are incredibly grateful for any donations we receive; every euro donated is a huge help! Click here to find out how you can help us.

We are very grateful to receive a sum of ex-gratia funding which we apply for from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine yearly. This grant helps us to pay for veterinary care, to make repairs to our shelter accommodation and to maintain our helpline telephone lines. The latest grant received was €9000 in December 2020.


Provision for your Pet in your will

| New Information | June 13, 2023

Provision for your pet in your will

The following information is provided for anyone who would like to contribute to the lifetime care of their pets should they die or become incapacitated. It includes the following:

  1. Setting up of a trust fund.
  2. Transfer of your pets to a temporary care provider.
  3. A new home for your pet.
  4. Monetary support to the new owners of your pet for lifetime vet care, food, and emergency payments.

Explanatory notes are listed at the end of this document.


Sample text to be inserted into your will

Trust Fund 1

My dog. Upon my death, or disability, a trust fund is to be set up by John Smith, Solicitor 2, to provide for the long-term health, support, maintenance, and care of my dog Rex. €15,000 3 is to be transferred from my bank account into this trust fund. The fund shall be used as follows:

  1. Payment of Munster Lost and Found invoices.
  2. Credit line to the vets of the new owners of my dog.
  3. Direct debit to the new owners of my dog to cover the day-to-day costs of keeping him.
  4. Emergency payments as deemed necessary.
  5. Solicitor’s fees.

Pet care during my lifetime. During any period that I have a disability, as defined below, or cannot care for my pet, the provisions of this Will shall become effective immediately to provide for my pet as if I had died. I may recover possession of my pet at any time. 4

Disability defined: For the purposes of this trust disability shall mean a legal disability, or the inability to provide prompt and intelligent consideration to financial matters by reason of illness, or mental, or physical disability. The determination of whether I have a disability shall be made by my doctor. The trustee shall be entitled to rely on written notice of this determination.

Upon my death, or disability, my dog is to be handed over, as soon as possible, to the charity Munster Lost and Found. He is to remain with Munster Lost and Found until he is re-homed. 5

When my dog is rehomed, the new owners 6 are to be given the following:

  1. €500 is to be transferred to their vet’s bank account. This line of credit is to be topped up to €500 on an annual basis.
  2. €50 per month is to be transferred to the new owner’s bank account to cover the general costs of keeping the dog. 7
  3. In exchange for this the dog must be given an annual check-up at the vets.


To ensure that my wishes are carried out I ask that my solicitor, John Smith, does the following:

  1. Set up the trust fund and transfer the sum of €15,000 into it.
  2. Transfer €500 to the vets of the new owners of my dogs.
  3. Top up the vet’s credit line to €500 on an annual basis.
  4. Set up a direct debit of €50 per month to the new owners’ bank account.
  5. Contact the new owners’ vets, once a year, to confirm that my dog is still alive, and that the dog is being adequately looked after.
  6. When my dog dies any remaining money in the trust fund is to be given to Munster Lost and Found. Any remaining credit with the vets is to be given to Munster Lost and Found. 8
  7. Pays himself for all expenses accrued.

If, for any reason, the new owners are unable to care for my dog, or are not looking after him adequately, he shall be returned to Munster Lost and Found. 9 The trust fund shall continue to be used to support Munster Lost and Found and any subsequent owners of my dog.


1 The setting up of a trust fund will guarantee that money is ring fenced specifically for the care of your pet.

2 Asking your solicitor to set up a trust fund and ensure that it is properly managed is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out as intended.

3 The following is an example of how you can calculate what sum of money to put aside for the lifetime care of your pet. Firstly, do the following: estimate how long your pet will live for, and how much you spend per year feeding and caring for your pet, and how much you would like to put aside for emergency payments such as urgent medical care. In the example above, a maximum of €500 per year is to be given to the vets; food, treats and other day-to-day expenses cost €600 per year; and €4000 is to be included to cover emergency, solicitor, and other payments. The dog is expected to live for 10 more years.

(500 vets + 600 food) x 10 years = €11,000. Add €4000 for emergency care. The total to be put into the trust fund is €15,000.

4 Should you recover and want your pet back you will be entitled to do so.

5 If you plan to give your pet to a trusted family member or friend, it is best to discuss this with the person beforehand.

6 This may be a trusted family member or friend. If not, an animal charity will need to find a home for him.

7 €600 has been allocated for food treats and other day-to-day expenses in the example above. This is equal to €50 per month.

8 This is a suggestion only. You may want to give any remaining credit to a family member, friend or other charity.

9 This is something that the vet will notice during the annual check-up.

Annual PAW-B-Q Raffle now launched

| EVENTS | May 24, 2021

Annual PAW-B-Q Raffle Now On

If you donate €5 (one ticket) or €10 (3 tickets) to Munster Lost and Found by Thursday the 3rd of June at 7pm, you could win a fantastic Paw-B-Q package just in time for the June Bank Holiday weekend. Our sources tell us there is a dry spell coming and Weber BBQ’S are in short supply. 1st Paw-B-Q Package includes: • Weber 57cm Premium Charcoal BBQ Grill • €20 Voucher for O’Connell’s Food Hall, The Lough, Cork City – fantastic selection of BBQ ready food • 4 Kg bag of Weber Briquettes to get you started 2nd Paw-B-Q Package includes: • Weber 47cm Premium Charcoal BBQ Grill • 4 Kg bag of Weber Briquettes to get you started To enter: Simply cimmebt on this post and/or donate via PayPal account. Our PayPal email is . You can also Donate using a credit card the link is on our website . You can also donate cash to one of our regular volunteers that you are in contact with. You have a chance to win one of our Paw-B-Q packages that will be delivered next day to your door (within Cork City & County, we will do our best for other areas). The winners will be picked using random number generator and announced on Thursday 3rd June 2021 at 7pm on Facebook page. The Weber BBQs are of a fantastic quality and compact design. They will be just perfect for the back garden, beach, surprise gift or they can even be packed into the car for an Irish staycation. You must be over 18 Years to enter the raffle. Permit was granted by Superintendent B. Fogarty of Bandon An Garda Síochana

***KC Bridge Challenge – Winner***

| New Information | October 4, 2020

One of our wonderful volunteers has joined us in a brilliant opportunity from a place of sadness.  Sadly she lost her wonderful, brave K9 Cavalier “Casey” who took his own steps across the “Heavenly Rainbow Bridge” recently. This challenge is in memory of Casey and and all of our pets who have gone across that same bridge.


The Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is a 164,800 Meters – 164.8 -kilometer-long viaduct on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway. It is the world’s longest bridge. Join us in November 2020 to virtually walk across this bridge to raise much needed funds for Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline.



How can you help?
Anytime during the month of Nov just walk a few km to remember a dear departed “Fur Buddy” or take a walk with your current dog and enjoy their company.
Nominate one or more of your “Fur Buddies”  (current or passed) – Submit their name and make a donation of €5.00 per buddy via the Donate button in the sidebar of our donations page via Paypal or Credit card.
You must include your name, your pets name and your telephone number in the message field of your donation to be entered into the Prize Draw.
At the end of this Challenge, one lucky “Fur Buddy”  will be selected to receive a unique pencil portrait of themselves worth over €100!   
 Version 2casey-02
All participants progress will be tracked, to submit your distances walked, please comment in the reply box below, you can do this daily, weekly or whatever suits you and I will update the tracker on a regular basis.


bridge-full bridge-full




30/11/2020 – Over four bridges walked!!!  A total of 761.40Km from those that logged their mileage that is brilliant!!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who took up the challenge or supported it via donation <3. Thanks to you our shelter animals, fosters and long term fosters are guaranteed a safe place, a warm bed and a full belly until the New Year.


Congratulations to our winner Sinead Chadwick who chose to have the portrait done of her dearly departed Daisy whom she she adopted from ML&F Pet Helpline and gave her best life life.


Responsible Pet Day – Winners of our Photo Competition!!

| EVENTS | March 27, 2013

The Munster Lost and Found have picked the winners of our photograph competition from the responsible pet day.

Two independant friends of the charity have awarded the following winners for the photo competition:


1.       Cuddliest : Helen Sheehan with her two dogs Bruno & Kayleigh


2.       Cutest: Two Japanese Spitz puppies (Owner Withheld)


3.       Most Photogenic:  Husky “Shadow” owned by Roy Noonan


4.       Most Personality: 8 week old miniature Shnauzer Odan (Owner Withheld) 


Owners have been notified and arrangements will be made to award their vouchers.

Thank you to all entrants.

The Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline.

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